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Brule-Buffalo Conservation District 200 S. Paul Gust Rd, STE111 Chamberlain, SD 57325 (605)734-5953 ext.3 ADDRESS
Bareroot $2.00 each
Deciduous Tree Heights
Shrubs: Medium: Large:
Aronia, McKenzie Apricot Ash, Green
Buffaloberry Cherry, Pin Boxelder
Caragana Crabapple, Midwest Catalpa, Northern
Cherry, Nanking/Sand Maple, Amur Cherry, Black
Chokecherry Mulberry Cottonwood, Native/Male
Chokecherry, Schubert Pear, McDermand Elm, Princeton
Cotoneaster, Centennial Russian Olive Elm, Siberian
Currant, Golden/Black Willow, Laurel Hackberry
Dogwood Redstemmed Honeylocust
Elderberry, Common Kentucky Coffee Tree
Hazelnut, American Linden, American
Honeysuckle Linden, Littleleaf
Juneberry Maple, Silver
Lilac, Common Mountain Ash, Korean
Plum, American/Prairie Red Oak, Bur
Rose, Hansen Hedge Popular, White
Sumac, Smooth/Skunkbush Walnut, Black
Willow, Sandbar/Streamco Willow, Golden
Bareroot $2.00 each Willow, Peachleaf
Conifers: Willow, White
Eastern Red Cedar
Rocky Mt. Juniper Other Products:
Austrian Pine Tree fabric 4'x4' squares $4.50
Ponderosa Pine Tree fabric 6'x500' $.33 per foot
Scotch Pine Tree tubes 2' $4.00 by order
Black Hills Spruce Tree tubes 3' $4.75 by order
Colorado Blue Spruce Tree tubes 4' $5.75 by order
Tree tubes 5' $6.75
AVAILABLE: Potted Flags $.20
Garden Perennials $12.00 Staples $.15
Native Grasses $12.00
Native Perennials $12.00 Potted Stock:
2 gallon-$16.75
Austrine Pine
Tree Stock : 2' to 6' Ponderosa Pine
Bare Root: Meyers Spruce
Apple ($30.00) Eastern Red Cedar
Pear ($25.00) Rocky Mt. Juniper
Flowering Crabapple Black Hills Spruce
Cottonwood, Male Colorado Blue Spruce
Elm, St Croix
Honeylocust, Nothern Acclaim
Peach, Contentar ($25.00)
If there are other species in the taller bareroot stock please ask and I will see if I can get it in.

* Tree Survial is not Guaranteed: A 50% down payment will be required by Feb 1st.
The 50% down will be retianed if trees are cancelled or not picked up.

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