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The Brule-Buffalo Conservation District was organized on March 28,1938

The two counties total 825,600 acres. With the Missouri River bordering

on the west of both counties.

As a Conservation district it is our responsibility to inform, educate, and

encourage preservation of all our natural resources.

We serve the residents and owners of the land that reside in Brule & Buffalo Counties.      

District Board

Randy Knippling, Chairman              Steve Reimer, Vice-Chairman

LeRoy Ness, Jr. Treasurer                  Larry Wagner, Secretary

Jack Freidel, supervisor                     Gerald Nepodal, advisor

James Lindley, advisor                       Doug Feltman, advisor

Abbey Randall, advisor                      Tate Glaus, advisor

Ryan Urban, advisor



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An Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider.            

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Board and Staff

If you are interested in tree planting, shelterbelt renovation, or mechanical tree maintenance, cedar removal, or grass drill work please give Tina or Eric a call 605-734-5953 x3

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